Nerf Wars

Nerf Wars Birthday Party!

CONTACT US TODAY for availability and more details.

Videos from previous Nerf Wars:


  • Birthday parties are on Saturdays when available.
  • Start time 3pm (can arrive as early as 2:40), guest must exit by 5pm.
  • Nerf War games is recommended for kids 6+. Younger kids have problems using nerf guns. However other games can available for younger ages such as ninja ball, spinner, zombie, obstacle course, etc.
  • Only kids ages 4+ allowed on dojo mat.
  • 15 child maximum limit.

Parents Responsibilities:

  • Provide food, cake, beverages, utensils, table covers (water dispenser available)
  • Disposal cleanup of food and all utensils (trash cans provided)

AKJ Responsibilities:

  • 2 Instructors available
  • Open by 2pm
  • Stage Nerf Wars setup (Nerf Gun, darts, and eye protection provided)
  • Provide tables to parents
  • Run Nerf Wars for first 45 mins to 1hr including safety, rules, and various games.
  • Run music
  • Dojo Cleanup


  • $300 for games and Dojo rental
  • Deposit of $150 required to secure space and time, other $150 on day of party; can charge card on file for both.

CONTACT US TODAY for availability and more details.