Accomplishment Stripes

Above and Beyond Accomplishment Stripes 

The physical skills of martial arts are only part of what we want to teach AKJ Kids. We expect our children to perform well outside the dojo and to encourage/reward good behaviors. This is where we need parent participation to let us know when a student has achieved an accomplishment. As we get your participation and feedback in the following areas, your child will be eligible to earn extra stripes of different colors at each belt level. These are broken down into 5 categories:

  • Show Principles | Orange

Every month, AKJ Kids Instructors cover 1 of 12 Principles during Mat Chat. As students can demonstrate how they’ve applied one of these principles to their daily lives and understand what it means, they can earn a Principle stripe. Orange stripes are the only ones required for promotion to the next rank, and can have more than one of the same color at each level.

  • Practice at Home | Purple

One of the many ways to get better at a skill is to practice outside the dojo. Let’s remind our kids to take the time to practice and even help them practice by going through the requirements with them. When a parent reports consistent at-home practice, we will reward with a stripe.

  • Achieve Academic Success | Blue

We want to hear how your child is doing in school. If you’ve seen an academic achievement (like showing improvement in grades, or winning a Spelling Bee, etc.) let us recognize him or her in class and reward him with a stripe.

  • Demonstrate Respect | Green

Let’s encourage our children to show respect in and out of the dojo by behaviors such as answering with “yes or no ma’am” or “yes or no sir”. If you are seeing your child stand out for respectfulness at home and/or in other aspects of life, we can continue to encourage and recognize that behavior.

  • Empower Others | Red

As the motto of the dojo goes, “Empower Yourself, Empower the World!” We want to see our kids taking an active role in helping others. This could be students helping other students at the dojo or even doing volunteer work outside the dojo. The reward of helping others helps us all grow.