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Atlanta Kyusho and Jujitsu’s Online Video Training allow you to get unlimited access to over 250 martial art training videos for only $20/month. Watch anywhere with an internet signal on computer, iPad, tablet, or smartphone. No contracts, cancel anytime. These videos cover a wide range of martial art styles and concepts: Small Circle Jujitsu, Ryukyu Kempo, Kyusho Jitsu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Modern Arnis, and more!

Sample Videos

Dynamic, Combative Flow – The Pirate

Kata Bunkai – Naihanchi Application

Tuite Jitsu #6 – Palm Turn With Arm

Transitional Flow – Flow #7

All Access: $20/Month for Unlimited Online Access to 250+ Videos

View 250+ videos in 19 categories including: Drills & Skills, Kyusho & Jujitsu for Kata, Kyusho Jitsu Basics, Tuite Jitsu: Joint Locking & Takedowns, Baiting & Countering Techniques, Choking Techniques (Shime Waza), Dynamic, Combative Flows, Exercises & Drills, Follow Up Pins/Controls, Ground Techniques (Ne Waza), Hand Strikes (Atemi Waza), Kata Bunkai, Ryukyu Kempo Kata, Small Joint Manipulation (Finger Locking), Throws (Nage Waza), Transitional Lock Flow Drills, Tuite Jitsu (Joint Locking), Weapon Disarms, and Seminars.

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