Kids Karate-Jujitsu

Empower your children with the skills of Self Defense!

AKJ is now offering  AKJ KIDS ! A Karate-Jujitsu Martial Arts program geared for kids to learn focus, self defense, discipline, get active, and have fun. We’re currently enrolling ages 6 to 12. AKJ KIDS  Martial Arts classes are Monday and Wednesday at 5:30 to 6:15. Try a free class or make the commitment to get started today!

Regular martial arts training assists children with

* Improved Focus and Attention
* Motor Coordination
* Increased Self Esteem
* Learning Discipline
* Respect for Others
* Self Defense
* and Much More!

Every class is geared toward towards your child being active, learning great self defense, and having fun! You want the best for you child, help them get ahead by learning skills while developing character.

Our primary AKJ KIDS Martial Arts instructor, Kearstin Sale, is a Black Belt, Professional (lawyer), and experienced in leading child and youth martial art classes. Her and other teachers will help your children grow and learn!

Every member and teacher at AKJ have also passed federal background checks to ensure the integrity of the Dojo. Our #1 concern at the Dojo is safety, safety, safety; know your children will have fun and be in a safe, positive environment for learning.

AKJ KIDS is currently enrolling ages 6 through 12. Contact us today for more information on AKJ KIDS!

For the integrity of the dojo, all Atlanta Kyusho and Jujitsu Instructors and Members are required to go through a federal background screening. No person with a felony or violent crime will be allowed admittance to AKJ.

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