Master Josh Moree

Chief Instructor
6th Ryukyu Kempo & Kyokushin Karate
4rd Small Circle Jujitsu
3rd Shuri-Te Bujutsu
1st Modern Arnis
Judo Brown Belt
BJJ Purple Belt

Master Josh D. Moree
Owner, Chief Instructor, 6TH Degree Black Belt

Sensei Moree believes in the classical mix martial artist. That is blending of influences and other styles to – ultimately – create your own martial art. His base of training is in Okinawian marital arts, specifically Shuri Te and Ryukyu Kempo with great emphasis on Kyusho Jitsu (pressure point applications) and Tuite Jitsu (joint locking) within Bunkai. He also represents Professor Jay’s Small Circle Jujitsu as Southeast Regional Director; SCJ is an evolution of Jujitsu that focuses on small (collapsing circle) wrist and hip movements in joint locking as well as much focus on small joint manipulation. Other influences include Kyokushin, Shuri-te Bujitsu, Modern Arnis (FMA), Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Judo.

Over time, Sensei Moree has had the privilege to train with multiple teachers such as Clif Bolton, Steve Cooper, TA Frazer, Dustin Seale, Ken Smith, Will Higginbotham, George Dillman, Leon Jay, Troy Price, Brian Brown,and many more.  Sensei Moree continues his training primarily under Grandmaster Dustin Seale of The Seale Academy; this relationship has afforded Sensei Moree many opportunities over the years for growth and learning. The different influences have certainly taught him invaluable information in creating a practice geared towards being a versatile and effective martial artist.

“There is the saying ‘No man is an island.’  I would not be who or where I am without the help of every one of my teachers and students. They all have empowered and enriched my life; for that I am most thankful.”

Master Moree also holds regular self-defense classes for Atlanta organizations as well as teaches at seminars abroad.  He takes his experiences in martial arts and his education in Coaching Psychology to work with people to not only learn effective self-defense skills, but to also self-empower their lives.